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When is Spare Change sent to my creditor?
Snowball initiates Spare Change payments to your creditor twice per month. Spare Change that has cleared your checking account on the 1st through the 15th of each month will be initiated on the 17th, Spare Change that has cleared your checking account on the 16th through the last day of the month will be initiated on the 3rd of the following month.

Do you store my bank account information?
No, all credentials for your bank accounts are managed by our third party partners.

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What do I need to get started?
Only a few items are needed to start saving thousands: You’ll need your Debt details to calculate your savings and bank account credentials Instantly Connect your account

How much does Snowball Cost?
Snowball is always free for the first 30 days. After that, we deduct $1.99 each month from the spare change collected. When your trial expires, a prorated membership fee will be charged based on the remaining days in that month. After that, the membership fee will be charged on the first day of each month.

You can cancel at anytime.

Do I Still need to make my regular payment?
YES! Snowball sends an EXTRA payment on your behalf, this does not replace your credit card/loan/mortgage payment. Always ensure that you are current on your payments.

How do I close my Account?
Though we hate to see you miss out on your savings, we make it easy for you to cancel Snowball at any time. Simply send an email from the email address you used to create your account. If possible, please include the reason for cancelling. We use this feedback to improve the Snowball experience for our user base.

Please include the following message:

“I (name on your account) wish to terminate my account with snowball effective (date you wish service to cease, must be current or future date at the time of email)”

Please keep in mind that a Spare Change withdrawal may already be initiated. Spare Change that has been withdrawn from your checking account that has not been sent to your creditor will be refunded once it clears the banking institution.

How do I dismiss a Contribution (Manual Approvals)?
If your account is set to manual approval you have the option to approve or dismiss each Contribution. Dismissing a Contribution is easy. Swipe to the left on the Contribution and the “Dismiss” button will appear, tap it and the Contribution is dismissed.

Important Note: Only Contributions pending approval can be dismissed.

I don’t see a payment to my creditor?
Don’t Panic, Snowball has processes in place to ensure your Spare Change is applied to the proper accounts

Check your email
If we are alerted to incorrect debt information, you will receive an email instructing you to open Snowball and verify the debt accounts that have been added.

Verify your debt information
Open Snowball and tap the dashboard button in the top left. View the debts you have added and ensure the information is entered correctly. If your debt information was entered incorrectly and you suspect your payment has been sent to the incorrect account, please email us.

You will promptly receive a response from a REAL person. We will track down the Spare Change payment and make sure it is applied to the correct account.

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