Snowball Update

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Snowball Update

We have received a lot of constructive feedback from the Snowball Ballers. We have heard what you like about Snowball and how it’s working for you, which we LOVE! We have also received many suggestions on what you would like to see changed, and guess what…We LOVE that too!

More Control Over Contributions

Many Ballers expressed that after Sign Up, Snowball immediately started to withdraw Spare Change before they could get comfortable with how Snowball works. Our users wanted to fully understand the Snowball process before unleashing it on their debt.

How often is the money withdrawn?
This differs for every Baller, it depends on how many transactions are made

How much is withdrawn at one time?
Each time your accumulated Spare Change reaches $5.00

When and how are payments sent to my creditors?
Snowball initiates Spare Change payments to your creditor twice per month. Spare Change that has cleared your checking account on the 1st through the 15th of each month will be initiated on the 17th, Spare Change that has cleared your checking account on the 16th through the last day of the month will be initiated on the 3rd of the following month. A majority of our user’s contributions are sent electronically, but Snowball will send a check when required by the creditor.

It’s one thing to read the answers to these questions, it’s another to turn over control to an App that automatically manages this process. Ballers wanted to see it in action first.

Our team has responded with what we think, is the perfect solution …

Manual Approvals

Each time your spare change reaches $5.00 you have the option to approve the contribution with the click of a button. Simply open the Snowball App and tap “Transactions” to view and approve your pending Contributions.

Turn on Auto-Approve

Once you are comfortable with how Snowball works you have the option of enabling “Auto-Approve” for effortless saving. Auto-Approve can be turned off at any time.

More Information

In addition to controlling the timing of contributions, our users wanted clarity on how funds were withdrawn and applied to their debts. The updated “Contributions” screen provides detail on pending, approved and cleared contributions. As well as the particulars on the payments made to creditors.

We hope these updates enhance your experience. Please keep the feedback coming… good, bad or ugly it makes Snowball better for everyone. Thank you so much for downloading Snowball.


The Snowball Team